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First Aid Kits For Dummies

Before starting any medical assistance, find out whether the patient needs medical help. There are many classes you can take to learn first aid. You should keep 1 first-aid kit in your house and one in each car. You should check your first-aid kit at least once a year. First aid kits really should be routinely checked for expiration dates and items should be replaced if they are used or out of date.

The basic kit should include absorbent cotton or gauze, adhesive tape, alcohol swabs, and antiseptic. If there are children in the house, you should get the less sticky styles of bandages. First aid kits should include a calcium hochdosiert apotheke and cold pack. Aid supplies need to have antidiarrhea medication and an antacid for upset stomach. They may have a blood pressure cuff. You should have: 2 pairs of latex or other sterile gloves (if you are supersensitive to latex). You should also include additional items for a pet first aid kit. For those times when you can't instantly get to your veterinarian, a pet first aid kit may hold you over till you can. Last but not least remember to wash your hands before and after treatment if possible.

For hunters a good first-aid kit may prove to be priceless. Camping checklist should include packing your first aid kit and the knowing the location of the nearest first aid station. There are lists of poisonous plants and trees and lists of dangerous household substances. Last but not least oral rehydration salts when hiking in hot dry areas should be placed in your first aid kit. You can pick and choose mix and match the contents of your own first-aid kit.

There are a few of items that all of us in all likelihood need to have onhand for first aid emergencies. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while pulling together a first aid kit to keep for emergencies. The first step in treating the bites and stings that might cause an allergic reaction is to wash the affected area. You should pour water on the wound and try to clean it up before going to the hospital. Last but not least, keep a fresh supply of health care materials in your first aid kit.

A standard first aid kit needs to be kept in your glove compartment or office desk. You also should have two first aid kits - one for your home the other for your car.

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