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Keep Your First Aid Kit Restocked

First aid supplies need to be kept in a legiblely marked bag. For those who prefer the traditional look and feel of a first aid kit the metal case kits are still available. You may pick and choose mix and match the contents of your own kit. For a quick list of some of the more important items for a first aid kit check online, or get books out of the library to help you determine what items you should include in your first aid kit.

You should consider possible injuries you are likely to run across and then select the best items for you first aid kit. You should have some alcohol in your first aid kit to disinfect the thermometer. Oral rehydration salts when hiking in hot droughty areas should be placed in your first aid kit. You can find one when you are hiking, biking, camping, or boating. Last but not least you need to have a compass and global positioning system device.

First aid supplies are also necessary to have on hand for your pets. First aid kits should be frequently checked for expiration dates and items should be replaced if they are used or out of date. Make the children a part of your emegency preparedness plans and to be sure they know where the first aid kit is kept.

First aid kits are easy to put together. Fishing kits should be equipped with a first aid kit. You need to pre plan on what to do in an emergency. The first step in becoming prepared is to encourage every individual to complete an emergency first aid kit.

There are several groups that encourage first aid such as the military and the scouting movement. For hunters a good first-aid kit may prove to be invaluable. For those of you wanting to take a first aid kit on a trip and are using airline transportaion, you will have to remember to remove tweezers and scissors prior to packing the kit. Camping checklist should include packing your first aid kit and the knowing the location of the nearest first aid station. There are a couple things you need to keep in mind while pulling together a first aid kit to keep for emergencies.

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